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Bordeaux 2.0.8 | $25.00 | Bordeaux 2.0.8 Press Release

Bordeaux 2.0.8 is a maintenance release that fixes a number of small bugs. With this release we have updated firefox to 3.6.8, added support for Google SketchUp 7.1, added support for VLC media player, bundle Wine 1.2, Support for Irfanview 4.27 and plugins, updated to the most current winetricks release, More fixes to the Bordeaux UI, there has also been many small bug fixes in this release.

With version 2.0.8 and onward we bundle our own Wine build and many tools and libraries that Wine depends upon. With this release we bundle Wine 1.2, Cabextract, Mozilla Gecko, Unzip, Wget and other support libraries and tools.

Bordeaux 2.0.8 runs on current Mac OS X Snow Leopard systems. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

  • Intel Apple Mac (Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air)
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard OS-X 10.6 or later is required to install this package.
  • Gtk-Framework-2.14 2.14 Download

2.0.8 Application support :

  • Microsoft Office 2007 Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpnt)
  • Microsoft Office 2003 Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpnt)
  • Microsoft Office 2000 Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpnt)
  • Microsoft Visio 2003
  • Microsoft Project 2003
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
  • Mozilla FireFox 3.6.8
  • VLC 1.1.0
  • Google SketchUp 7.1
  • IrfanView 4.27 and plugins

2.0.8 New Features :

  • Updated to Wine version 1.2
  • Better support for IE 7
  • Even more fixes to .app Bundle support
  • Firefox 3.6.8 support
  • Added Google SketchUp 7.1 Support
  • Added VLC Multimedia Player Support
  • Fixed allot of bugs in the Bordeaux UI
  • Synced to newest winetricks release
  • Many other small bug fixes

There are a number of bugs in Winehq that we really want to fix. Currently stock Wine does NOT support building App bundles that can be easily used from the Finder. We plan to implement this in Wine and give all the changes back under the LGPL. All of our Mac work is going back in to stock Winehq, but the more support we get through purchases, the less trouble it is to do, and the more we can do.

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